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5 Fashion Tips To Help You Create Your Own Style

basic style tips“Sometimes I need to remind myself that taking time for me is not selfish but necessary.” – Author Unknown

One of the ladies who entered the retail store where I have been working part time seemed so perplexed this past week. She wanted to upgrade her style as an over 50 woman, but was overwhelmed by it all. “It seems so time consuming and complicated,” she sighed. “I am just a simple, basic woman.”

Well, let’s begin with basics. Your wardrobe needs to include jeans, pants and skirts which fit, are flattering, and in neutral colors. Then add simple tops in solid colors which brighten your countenance. That is your palette. Every day select a pair of these bottoms, and one top.

Then take a mere 5 minutes to do one or more of these ideas so you can face the day looking put together and feeling great:

  1. SCARVES Add a scarf in a fun, seasonal print. Watch one of the many YouTube videos with scarf tying ideas then change up your tie technique for variety.
  2. SHOES Add prints in your shoes. Own a few fun flats in subtle prints to add pop to your outfit. Leopard, stripes, colors are all perfect in a basic wardrobe. Remember, it is best your purse and shoes NOT match but rather complement one another. If you are going to wear prints in shoes, then select a necklace rather than a scarf to wear on top to forgo worry about the rules of pattern mixing.
  3. NECKLACES Like scarves, a necklace is a simple way to take a basic look to the next level. Long necklaces will elongate your look.
  4. VESTS AND JACKETS Placing a vest or a jacket over these basic pieces will add a classic, strong style to your look for the day. Amazing what one basic piece of clothing can do.
  5. MAKEUP Touch up your makeup before going out…make sure your lips, cheeks and eyes are bright and cheery. Lifts your spirits and helps bring on a smile…your best accessory.

You can be a simple, basic girl and still show that you care about you, every day in an every day life… it only takes five minutes. I submit to you…. after taking a little time for yourself… you will accomplish more and enjoy the day more.

Thanks for stopping by the Joy Boutique. Now, would the simple and basic styled of you care to submit any suggestions?

Pamela Lutrell

Pamela Lutrell began her blog, over50feeling40, July 2010 with a desire to encourage women over 50 to walk in strength, confidence and joy. Of course, head turning style makes each day fun!

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Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Wednesday 10th of February 2016

I am definitely a jeans-and-Tshirt kind of girl! ;-) Thanks for the tips on how to up my game a bit! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


Tuesday 9th of February 2016

Great tips! I think that women who dont know how to style have a great helpmon this. It doesn t take a lot to look great!

Susan Street

Tuesday 9th of February 2016

Thank you for making it so easy for all of us to understand this principle of using basics to create easy looks.

Pamela Lutrell

Tuesday 9th of February 2016

Thank you for the kind words, Susan. You model these concepts so well!

Elaine @ Following Augustine

Tuesday 9th of February 2016

Excellent advice, Pam!

Pamela Lutrell

Tuesday 9th of February 2016

Thank you Elaine! Have a great week!


Tuesday 9th of February 2016

What great tips for anyone. Makes getting ready for the day so much simpler. And more fun when you add the accessories.

Pamela Lutrell

Tuesday 9th of February 2016

Little, simple touches we can do is actually easier than doing nothing! Thanks Karen!

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