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Climb Every Mountain of Aging…With Style!

A woman in her seventies with poise and elegance displayed a true appreciation of the gifts life has granted her. When the loss of her greatest gift was mentioned, the pain in her countenance was evident; yet, she spoke of “joy undiscovered” and its pursuit, even as she enters eighty.

In his eighties, the man was vibrant, alive with enthusiasm and ready to boast of his skills at the piano keyboard. A concert pianist and still in the acting profession he is aware of every detail from the past.

Finally, they were interviewed by a journalist well into her sixties who recently suffered a loss herself; however, she was, at times, giddy to be experiencing this story…a milestone, a special moment, and a European location full of beauty, representing new life after a dark time in history.

Climb Every Mountain of Aging With Style!

These were the star players last week as Diane Sawyer interviewed Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer marking the fiftieth anniversary of The Sound of Music.  Andrews admitted disbelief over fifty years gone by, and I admit to the same feeling.  I have a special fondness for the musical and the Beatles together!  How do they possibly relate? Well, for me, they came at a time when I needed an escape from the angry atmosphere of a contentious home.  When yelling and screaming began, out came the turntable.  I would sing and play the music over and over again and somehow find joy and hope in those lyrics and notes.

I smiled and cried through this entire television special, and was struck with how alive they all seemed.  Still active of mind and active in life.  Though Julie Andrews obviously struggles with the loss of her singing voice, she also was so gracious and joyful at the same time.  I would not describe one of them as “old.”

I was asked last week by a friend, “How do you have so much fun with fashion in your sixties.  You can’t stop aging.  You won’t look like those Pinterest pictures.  Where’s the fun?”  I smiled at the question….I am experiencing more fun right now than I have in a long, long time.  It really is all about acceptance of where I am and a focus on the positive.   For example, I accept these facts:

  1. My earlobes are tired! So, I wear studs….tons of fun selections on the market.
  2. My left foot is a mess with a big hammer toe! So, I wear stylish flats almost all of the time.
  3. My body is curvy! So, I learned how to dress it to flatter those curves.
  4. My face has wrinkles! So, I learned good skincare and work to keep a youthful, healthy glow from inside out.
  5. My eyesight is pitiful! So, I invested in a pair of fabulous Prada glasses because they sit on my face every waking hour.

In the movie, we saw Reverend Mother tell a questioning Maria to look for the open window when a door is closed.  That message has seen me through many closed doors.  Of course, aging is saying goodbye to so many experiences and moments, but with a desire to continue life with joy, we can still climb those mountains with strength and success. A special thank you from me to Diane, Julie, and Christopher.  They are all aging with style!

And thanks to you for stopping by The Joy Boutique!  Did anyone else see the special?  What did you think?  Have a week full of smiles everyone!  See you soon.


Pamela Lutrell

Pamela Lutrell began her blog, over50feeling40, July 2010 with a desire to encourage women over 50 to walk in strength, confidence and joy. Of course, head turning style makes each day fun!

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Jennifer Connolly

Wednesday 25th of March 2015

Such an uplifting piece on 3 very classy people. I remember watching this movie when it first came out! It feels like last week. Funny how that happens. Aging is a privilege and doing it with great style is an art.. You, my friend, have great style, the BEST glasses and are an inspiration to many. Have a great day! Jennifer


Tuesday 24th of March 2015

I agree with everything Karen wrote!! Recently, I mentioned to my 81 year old Mother (who has always been in a state of constant anger, bitterness and negativity) that "I am my Hobby" meaning that at 58, I try and control the things I can, ME! I exercise, eat well, try new things including fashion and makeup (that's why I enjoy reading your blog). I am continually trying to improve my outlook on life and stay positive (lots of self-help books are on my shelves, and my therapist is at the ready,ha)! The point is we humans are a work in progress (if we choose to be). Thank you for featuring Diane, Julie and Christopher...they are very inspiring and we can all use inspiration at whatever age!!

Brenda Coffee

Tuesday 24th of March 2015

I loved Diane Sawyer's special for so many reasons, but perhaps because I know a little bit about what she's going through with her grieving process. Having a project of that magnitude to focus on was no doubt great therapy for her. Diane, and her guests, are great role models who demonstrate that aging isn't the end of our world. In fact, with wisdom gained, it may be even sweeter in many ways. xoxox, Brenda

Carol Cassara

Tuesday 24th of March 2015

They have been doing the rounds and it's kind of fun to read or watch. They both have done so well. Oh, we are all too crazed about aging. What a privilege it is!


Tuesday 24th of March 2015

Hard to imagine 50 years have gone by. I don't dwell much on aging, yet don't call it denial, I just have a very difficult time believing I'm 61! Julie Andrews looks great, I think. I do know women in their 80's who are continuing to live, and I know a few who have packed it in and are waiting on the end. I'm striving toward being in the first group and work toward that goal every day. I know a lot of it is luck, but for the part that I have control over, it just takes some extra effort which is well worth it! Good post Pam. Focusing on the positive is always a very important message!

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