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Cereal is NOT the Answer

Well, well, guess who made something YUMMY yesterday, awesome readers!

I cooked something and believe it or not, my son said, “Wow!”

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Yup. True story.

What?!! You don’t believe me? I would NEVER lie to you, my awesomenesses!

Well, unless if you were holding a gun to my head and asking me where I keep “the jewels”. Then I might lie and say that I keep them at my neighbour’s. (Sorry neighbour.)

But since no one’s holding a gun to my head, here’s how the cooking thing happened . . .

It all started when I was sitting at my desk yesterday afternoon, working on my book. Only I wasn’t really working on my book because the words were stuck in some constipated corner of my mind.

Suddenly I heard a shout from the kitchen:

“There’s nothing to eat around here!” 

It was my son.

“Cereal!” I shouted back.

PS. When I’m quasi-writing I often speak in monosyllables. Even when said monosyllables have more than one syllable – such as with the word CE-RE-AL.

But when I looked up and saw my son standing at the door of my office holding an empty box of Lucky Charms, I realized that it was time to take a break and stop staring at the blank screen of my laptop.

I got up from my desk and as I walked towards the kitchen, could feel the determination of a prize-fighting chef lurking within with every footstep.

PS. Possibly “prize-fighting chef” in this case means “frustrated writer”.

PPS. Also, my son and I watched The Incredible Hulk over the weekend so possibly some of my attitude may have been a residue from that.

And that, dear readers, is how I got to make something incredibly “wow”.

Confession: I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was completely by accident.

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