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Well Hello, Grandma

I scared myself recently. I bought a Tupperware Cake Taker and actually got excited about it. “Oh my God, I’ve become my grandmother,” I thought, as I excitedly showed my husband how it “burps” and comes with a convenient carrying handle. The next thing I know, I’m looking into a party of my own – and …

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Bedtime for Mom

Enjoy this parenting humor about when it’s bedtime for mom, from Lucia Paul of Dysfunctional Scrapbooking. I know who’s in charge at my house, and it’s not been me in years.  You know the old saying about the “servant being the master?” Well, apparently my masters are very strict about bedtime. Over Christmas vacation, I …

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Punk’d in the Produce Section

The recipe sounded easy enough. Eight ounces of goat cheese, one-third cup cream, chopped chives and a small handful of fresh herbs. Our good friends, Bob and Laurell, were visiting from Colorado in a couple of days and I wanted to impress them with a special appetizer. But wait? What was that last ingredient? Fresh herbs? That’s …

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