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Being a Parent vs. Being a Spouse

If you feel that you are more parent than spouse and that the connubial part of your life is almost nonexistent, you’re certainly not alone. In the year 2014 many couples are feeling the combined stresses of parenting and married life. We love our children, we love our spouses, it should be easy right? Hardly, say family life …

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life lessons, 2013, marriage, parenting, kindness, getting along with other people, midlife, midlife women

Things I Learned in 2013

This is my favorite time to post for two reasons.   I don’t  have to apologize for being preachy because you can’t write  a “what I learned” post without being preachy.  And, after a year of paying attention to people – the things they say and don’t say, the ways they are treated and how they treat …

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