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Is There Life After Orthotics?

In my forties, I could finally afford to purchase the expensive footwear I had always envied: classic Dior black pumps, Coach tennis shoes and jeweled strappy sandals. But nowadays, comfort overrules my desire to be a fashion plate and one pair of low-heeled pumps, white sneakers and flats gets me from church to the gym. …

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A Ring For the Empty Nest

I recently lost one of my favorite rings. A “mothers ring,” it was called: a band of studded white gold with a small, peridot gemstone in the setting. The peridot is the birthstone for August, the month that my son was born. I wore it on my right hand every single day for the last …

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Going With the Flow

Wu Wei is the Art of Going With the Flow A cadence that is ours to follow. It is important to trust in this flow. When we surrender to it we know we are part of a wiser plan devised by an intelligent universe. In Taoism, going with the flow is called wu wei. It means “not doing.”  …

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