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The Half Empty Nest

There’s a couple that live in the house behind ours who are about our age and never had  kids.  Because of how the houses are situated and separated by fences, we don’t really share a neighborhood with them and we only see them from afar with the occasional wave and hello, but have never really …

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Solo at the Jersey Shore

When Philadelphians talk about going “down tha’ shore”, we mean any of the beach towns from the southern tip of New Jersey (Cape May), north through Long Beach Island. Any further north than that and you run the risk of entering a 7/11 and running into people wearing New York Giants and Yankees caps — enough …

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Watching My Daughter Go

Kim Tackett talks about the lessons of empty nest parenting. She’s the one learning lessons as she watches her college daughter grow and fly the nest. Read more from Kim on her blog, Fifty Fifty Vision She’s 20, and attending university in another state, 500 miles away. The same exact number of miles I traveled for my …

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