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The Body-Mind Connection

the importance of the body-mind connectionGlenda shares regularly on her blog, Bloom, where this post was originally featured.

Examining myself today in comparison to the way I looked in 2014 – there are tremendous differences. In two years I lost half of my body weight. It’s incredible what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it. However, the extra pounds weren’t the only thing I was able to dig myself out from under.

A little over three years ago, I lay on an operating table, getting prepped for a procedure that was supposed to make my life more whole. When I woke from the surgery, I cried as the doctors solemnly told me the procedure was unsuccessful. Hearing this news, was I thought, the end of my world. In essence, it proved to be the beginning of a full-blown transformation. A transformation which not only opened the door to a new body, but a new way of thinking and being. This news set me on the course to discovering Glenda.

Off from work, I decided to start my days by journaling. Unfortunately, in the beginning, my mind was covered with so much junk from my life (past and present), that I was unable to clearly grasp my thoughts. I would write a few sentences and then find myself staring at the pages. This process continued for a few weeks until I decided to change my morning schedule to include an online fitness program with intense variations of exercise. I dived right in, selecting workouts that would challenge me physically. After my workouts (45 mins – 5x per week), I would turn on some quiet music and pick up my journal. I discovered my mind was crystal clear after I challenged my body. I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote. Before long, I had pages upon pages of journal entries. I had begun strengthening my body-mind connection.

Within weeks, my life – the hurts, sorrows, joys, disappointments, hopes, and dreams lay before me. With each month of journaling and digging myself out from under the muck of my past, I was discovering a very strong woman. The strength of my mind transferred to the strength of my body, or perhaps my body to my mind. Nevertheless, with each day, I couldn’t wait to dive into my morning ritual (which I have lovingly dubbed, My Morning Massage). The results came when I became enamored with wanting to understand more about myself. I knew I couldn’t reach a deeper point of self-analysis until I had cleared my mind by working my body.

The woman of 2016 is a much different woman than the woman from 2014. Yes, there is the obvious physical transformation, but the most important transformation came in realizing I have the strength and the will to take on so much more than I ever imagined. For now, the hard work is done. I can put my shovel away. I am at peace.

Glenda K. Harrison

From the runway to your personal closet, be it advice on the proper attire, or suggestions on how to live life to the fullest, readers throughout the world are being inspired by connecting to “So What to Twenty”, a style blog by creator, author, and freelance style contributor, Glenda K. Harrison, graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising with a degree in Marketing and Merchandising. Although fashion and style are important to her, Harrison's real passion is reminding others of the importance of self-love and using one's God-given gifts and talents. Her blog inspires readers to view fashion as an all-encompassing vehicle and encourages women to explore their personal gifts, style, power, and, most importantly, inner beauty. Harrison has been quoted saying, "I view my clothing as the cast of characters in my life, and together we tell the story of Glenda." The death of her mother spurred Harrison to launch A Daughter's Heart in 2008, a cancer support service that partnered with hospitals to provide love and support to women undergoing cancer treatment. She put aside that work to focus on her lifelong dream of touching lives through her writing and her passionate point of view on the subject of style. Harrison has authored an inspirational memoir titled, A Place Called Peace, and, True Style: A Look Beyond the Surface. Both available on CreateSpace eStore and Amazon.

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Carol Graham

Monday 7th of March 2016

First of al congrats on the goals you have achieved. As a health coach, I agree with you 1000% and teach people that our mental state plays a crucial part to our physical state -- A T T I T U D E. From within, we gain strength to accomplish what we have set out to do.


Monday 7th of March 2016

Carol, thank you so much. It's nice to read my achievement meets the approval of a health coach. When I began my journey, I had no idea of the results with building my physical strength simultaneously with my mind. The results are amazing. It feels good.


Monday 7th of March 2016

Great article - insightful and quite inspirational. The ancient Greeks said it perfectly - "healthy mind in a healthy body". Going to the gym doesn't only mean abs and fit body. Gyms are also a veritable will smitheries - you go there every day and forge your will. The more you fight yourself, the stronger you become.


Monday 7th of March 2016

Lisa, hello, and thank you for commenting. I love your final statement...The more you fight yourself, the stronger you become. So true. I feel ever so strong, both in brute strength and in the mind.

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