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Should I Attend Blogging Conferences?

Why Should I Attend A Blogging Conference?No matter how long you’ve been in the blogosphere, attending blogging conferences is an option for you.

Whether you’re brand new to the whole experience, an absolute veteran, or someone who is dabbling with a blog that they might want to turn into a business.

So – a few thoughts on the benefits of attending conferences – some of which have nothing to do with the conference content itself!

Why Should I Attend A Blogging Conference?

I’m Not Blogging … Yet

You love the idea of blogging. Maybe you’ve been messing around on Tumblr a bit and find that you enjoy sharing. Maybe you’re on Instagram and Snapchat, too. You like social media. You’re just missing that one step to tie it all together. Should you attend a blog conference? Maybe. It really depends on what conference you decide to go to. Maybe take baby steps and find a 1-day event nearby. Or a local bloggers’ meet-up? A Facebook group for people who have similar interests to you is likely to have some bloggers in it, so take some baby steps. I’ve been to several conferences at which I met people who didn’t yet have a blog, and I loved meeting them and they seemed to have great experiences. Times have changed some, so I can’t say for certain what you’ll get out of it – but if you go in with a positive outlook and try not to get yourself overwhelmed? You just might find what you’re looking for.

Newbie Blogger

Let’s admit something. You’ve just started a blog. And? You feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s okay. That’s what it’s like when you start a blog. For all of us. So – why should you go to a conference, and will you be made to feel exactly like you already do? It’s possible – I won’t lie to you about that. But that’s why you should go. You’ll learn things you didn’t know, you’ll connect with people who can support you and tell you they’ve been there, and you’ll network and find your peeps. Give it a shot, it can’t hurt to try.

Veteran Blogger

You’ve been blogging for years. What could you possibly get out of attending a blogging conference? You’d be surprised. There’s so much out there you might not know about. So much out there that makes it worthwhile. And even more importantly? You have people now – don’t you? And they will be there, too. So that, in and of itself, might be worth it. Examine the schedules of upcoming conferences closely. Find out if there are specific tracks covering things you’re really interested in learning about. Find a conference that meshes with your content. There are so many specialized conferences out there these days, you’re bound to find one that works for you.

Extremely Veteran Blogger

Let’s face it – you’re going to hang with your friends. Or you’re speaking – which is pretty awesome. Or maybe it’s both. But you’re going to do less of the learning and more of the connecting. You might not be worried about – or interested in – meeting new people, but you use conferences to find ways to reconnect with the ones you know for years. And that’s totally okay. You’re still going to get something out of it. You’re going to decide if you want to truly network and move forward in ways that gives you name recognition. And more power to you if you can!

Now To Decide

So, there you have a few scenarios about why you should attend a blogging conference. Have you been? Are you planning on going? Do you think it’s something you want to invest in? Think it over and take that leap. It can be well worth it when you’re looking to take a step in a new direction, or looking to leap across the path in front of you and make some changes.

This has nothing to do with sponsors and the like. They’re relevant, of course, and networking with them can be a fantastic experience and lead to many lucrative opportunities. But for this particular piece I’ve focused on the learning and connecting. And how that is what can matter most.

Andrea Bates

Andrea is a native New Yorker living in NC who has become quite accustomed to wearing flip flops year-round. A licensed clinical social worker, she spends her free time volunteering for a number of organizations supporting women (more specifically, mothers) in need of a reminder that they are not alone. Andrea blogs at Good Girl Gone Redneck, where she writes from the heart, sharing the ins and outs of parenting, family and relationships. She also devours books and regularly features her honest reviews, ensuring that her readers are intrigued and ready for more.

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