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A New Way to Share and Secure Photos. #BevyMoments

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I first learned about Bevy at a Type-A Parent conference event in New York City. They more I learned about the product, the more my mouth dropped open. Here was the perfect solution for a lot of my digital photo needs.

If you are like me, you have a phone full of pictures, a computer full of pictures, a tablet full of pictures, a drawer with memory cards in it from old digital cameras, and a husband and kids with photos on their phones and computers too. They are so scattered and inaccessible, they might as well not exist. (The photos, not the husband and kids.)

And soon they might not, due to loss, damage of the device, or a catastrophic event like a fire or flood. Hey, it all happens. I’m still sad when I think about all the family photos lost in my mother-in-law’s house fire ten years ago.

Bevy is the only product designed to solve the digital disorder that exists for today’s families. It’s a small in-home connected device that collects, organizes and protects digital photos and videos taken by any family member on a mobile phone, tablet or digital camera.

Bevy collects photos and videos the moment they are taken, or on-demand. I would have my photos sync up instantly, but my adult kids would want to be able to pick and choose which images they share. (No comment on why. Of course they are studying and working hard, why do you ask, Mom?)

Anyone in your family who you want to can connect to Bevy via the free Bevy mobile app. With Bevy,  your whole family’s digital memories can be effortlessly enjoyed and shared anytime, from anywhere.

Bevy was designed to provide a seamless digital photo and video experience for an entire extended family. There are no limitations on number of users, so
any number of family members can be associated with a single Bevy. Through the Bevy mobile app, each family member can use Bevy based on their personal preferences, without the hassle of having to log into separate online accounts. Imagine how much older family members far away would enjoy being able to easily see pictures of the grandkids! In a way it acts like a tiny family social network!

Bevy textBevy is not limited to wireless devices–the Bevy in-home device (that’s mine in the picture,) can store and protect content from many sources including digital cameras, SD cards, computers, and USB flash drives. If you are like me, you have a million digital photos floating around that were taken on your first camera phone and old digital cameras. Now you can find, organize, share, or print those pictures. Free them from their digital purgatory!

With all content stored in Bevy and readily available to share and enjoy, families no longer need to incur data charges by sharing content with one another, or waste valuable storage space on their mobile devices. I’ll never have to dump pictures from my phone to my computer right before a trip again.

Today’s digital files are often scattered throughout devices, on old computers, hard drives and elsewhere. And families face the risk of a loss, through malfunction or destruction or simple misplacement. With Bevy, all photos and videos are in a single place, secured either with in-home USB backup (at no additional charge) or secure cloud backup (for an additional fee).

I think Bevy would be a great holiday gift to yourself. Also, if you have an adult child getting married, or newly married, how amazing would it be to give them their own Bevy, already loaded with the pictures of his or her childhood? I would have loved that!

Bevy comes in a few different colors. Mine is a sleek and shiny purple. I love how it looks! I was provided with a Bevy device to keep in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

You can learn more about Bevy and where you can get on on their website. Follow them on social media to connect and learn more.


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