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Shari Broder

Shari Broder is a certified life & weight coach, mediator, arbitrator and attorney. She is the founder of Shari Broder, LLC, in Freeport, Maine (formerly Conscious Groove Life Coaching LLC). She works with women and foodies who have tried just about every diet there is and are afraid they'll never permanently lose weight. Shari teaches them how to enjoy the foods they love while ending their patterns of overeating and emotional eating so they can lose their excess weight for good. For more information, email her at [email protected] or go to

Mystery Dates

The Importance of Mystery Dates

Have you ever considered stoking the marriage flames with mystery dates? Mystery dates add intrigue and excitement to your marriage. Read on to find out more. My husband Eric marked our shared calendar “Mystery Date.” I notice it and start to wonder. Where are we going? I won’t know until we get there, although he …

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