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Robyn Wright

Robyn Wright has been online since 1992 and has been blogging at since 2008. She is an avid Twitter fan and social media user. Along with blogging full-time she also consults with small businesses on increasing their social media presence in an organic manner and is a program director at Online Mom Media. Robyn has formed long term relationships with several brands including Microsoft and Verizon. Her success is attributed to her willingness to share her personal life and her authenticity. Self-proclaimed geek, foodie, optimist and garlic lover, a champion for ending hunger, education, and eliminating the stigma of mental illness. Robyn is a St. Louis, Missouri native and lives in the suburbs with her husband of 23 years, 3 cats, 1 dog, and her 20 year old son who moved back in along with his girlfriend.

Robyn Wright is a social media master and blogging pro. We look forward to hearing her speak at BAM Bloggers at Midlife on Saturday, March 7, 2015. Read more from Robyn on her blog, Robyn’s Online World.  For those wanting to make a career out of social media, attending in person events and conferences can …

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