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Rebecca Olkowski

Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski is the founder of, an online magazine for women over 50 who are passionate about traveling, eating, living well and enjoying life. She also co-hosts the popular podcast 2 Boomer Broads - Life, love, laughs and unsolicited advice for women over 50 available on Itunes and Stitcher Radio. For over 35 years, Rebecca has worked as a professional voice actor in Los Angeles with extensive credits in film, television, cartoons, video games, and is best known for her work in the anime genre.

Rebecca blogs at Baby Boomster where she writes about traveling, eating and living well for women over 50. This recipe was first featured there. Torta d’erbe, a delicious and rustic Italian Frittata, originated in the countryside of Italy’s Tuscany region. Italians enjoy it for breakfast, lunch and sometimes as a dinner entrée. An authentic Italian torta d’erbe is filled with …

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