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Phoebe Wulliman Graber

Phoebe Wulliman Graber writes about the newfound freedoms of the empty nest, books, mindfulness and aging on her blog, In Momopause. She is an unapologetic list maker, avid reader, lover of letters and travel. During any given day you may find her nit-picking...literally, as a school nurse or figuratively, because she's a perfectionist.

Adulting – a Book Review: Required Reading for LIFE 101

The time is fleeting for me to instill advice or wisdom to my young adult children!   Or, so it seems to me lately.  My son graduates from college this spring.  Although his future is still uncertain, he is perched for flight.  So, now I’m shouting, “Wait!  Wait!  Just one more thing!  I have some required …

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School Nurses Need No “Just”-ification!

Nurse’s Week is upon us! Many of these national declarations come and go unnoticed by many of us, myself included! I am a registered nurse who works as a school nurse in the public school system. Understandably Nurse’s Week (May 5– 11) usually becomes overshadowed by Teacher’s Appreciation Week (May 5-9).   Few realize that …

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Books About Travel That Make Great Gifts

“The only journey is the one within.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke     Over the past nine months, I’ve traveled thousands of miles without a passport, itinerary, GPS or keys!  I’ve visited six continents from my armchair!  Interestingly, half of my book club selections this year have focused on traveling.  These, plus one other, describe journeys …

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