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Penelope Lemov

As Penelope Lemov, I'm a senior correspondent and finance columnist for a national magazine. Everyone else knows me as Penny. In that richer and more personal life, I have two grown children, both of whom have started families of their own--in cities far from the familial manse and from each other. Among the smallest denizens of that world, I'm PenPen. And that suits me best.

A lot of us have sound criteria for helping our kids out financially. We know when tough love should be levied and when a helping hand is appropriate. But those decisions can get muddied, especially for those of us who are grandparents. The surveys suggest we’re generous with our Grands, that way more than half …

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Am I my child’s repository? This is not an existential question. Now that the kids have moved out and we’re empty nesters, many of us are clearing out closets, purging storage spaces and lightening the load of stuff stored in our house. We’re faced with mementos that we don’t know what to do with. We …

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