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Pennie Nichols

I have long been an editor, writer for hire, and textbook author. I wrote my way into a freelance career and suddenly I’m here, with socks covered in the bothersome burrs of freelancers and middle-aged women. I am not weary of writing. Every day is a new opportunity to define, invent, and discover myself through words. Words are the tools that help me dig deep into my experiences and relationships, the energy that draws me out into light and understanding. Through sharing my experiences and words, I hope to connect, to share a little light.

Real Conversation About Race and Community

Skin color and police force have defined recent months in my community. Many of us feel that one is undervalued, the other used in excess, and opposing views on these topics have become uncomfortably heated on social media and in conversations. Unfortunately, the impotency of many heated exchanges has paralyzed true communication and stretched the divide, most notably among …

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Healthier Hash Browns

Healthier hash browns? Yes, please! These delicious hash browns from Pennie Nichols of The Accidental Blogger are not just delicious – but they’re better for you than the greasy and overdone alternatives. Give them a try and let us know what you think. Instead of frying your hash browns in a pan, you can air-fry …

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The Sense Of Wonder That Comes With Birdwatching

Steven and I are full of bird wonder. Our backyard, patio, and window chatter goes something like this: “Look, look! A titmouse!” “What kind of bird is that?” “The hummers are back!” “There’s a woodpecker at the feeder!” “Get the camera! I see a blue bird!” “Those birds that make babbling brook sounds are cowbirds. I looked it …

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