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Parri Sontag

Parri Sontag is a middle-aged, weight-challenged semi-professional dieter with a passion for musical theater. An award-winning journalist and marketing/communications professional, her hilarious new blog, Her Royal Thighness: Torn Between a Little Waist and a Little Debbie, puts into words what many of us think about, but never say aloud. Weaving poignant messages into humorous real-life stories, she consistently delivers side-splitting laughs as she chronicles relatable and universal life experiences. Parri is a recovering dodgeball target and Farmville addict, who has been mugged of her Halloween candy, ridiculed for hoarding tote bags and accused of picking a fight with Santa.

A group of us were out for a co-worker’s birthday at one of those “healthier choice” buffet restaurants that’s named after a vegetable, but has enough soups, pastas, breads and cakes to feed a small African nation. You know this type of place – a human trough where it’s socially acceptable to stretch your fist-sized …

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