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Miriam Iwrey

20+ years practicing Social Worker (MSW)
Certified Elite LIfe Coach
Midlife Transition Consultant

the importance of self care

High Maintenance or Self Care?

Is taking care of ourselves considered high maintenance? Or does self care mean we honor ourselves? Personally, I believe that caring for self is a way to honor oneself. Recently, on Facebook there was a listing of activities with points assigned with the headline: Are You High Maintenance? Some of the activities listed: Shower every …

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midlife friendships

Friendships At Midlife

Miriam can be found at New Achievements Elite Coaching. You can head there to learn more about her and the type of coaching services she provides.  Some time ago an email showed up in my box titled: Why You Don’t Have Girlfriends. As I reviewed the answers they shared (reported poll results) I started thinking about so many different …

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emotional heart health

10 Ways To Protect Your Heart

As many know, February is Heart Health Month. And it’s important to acknowledge that taking care of our hearts from a medical perspective is important. But perhaps it is just as important to take care of our hearts from an emotional perspective. What do I mean? Consider the following ideas. 1. Get rid of the drama. Nobody needs …

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Practicing Self Care

Miriam Iwrey is a social worker with 20+ years of experience. You can find out more about her at New Achievements Elite Coaching. How many times have you asked yourself – is it selfish to practice self care? Personally, I don’t think so. I am a firm believer that if we don’t practice self-care, we are …

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