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Miriam Hendeles

Miriam Hendeles, MT-BC is a music therapist, writer, blogger and the author of a book on being a grandmother to her four grandsons, Mazel Tov! It's a Bubby!. Miriam's website is Mother-in-Law-Hood 101. MIL's who visit that site will get ideas of how and when to speak up, keep quiet, cope and survive in their challenging roles as mothers-in-law. Miriam lives in Los Angeles with her husband and sons.

Miriam Hendeles’ memories of her grandmother, filled with warmth and life lessons, have influenced how she is a grandmother all these years later. Read more from Miriam on her blog, Bubby’s Joys & Oys. When I was a little girl, both my grandmothers lived close to our home. We’d spend lots of time with them …

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