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Meryl Baer

Meryl Baer is a recovering financial professional now freelance writer/blogger living at the Jersey shore. She travels a lot, but when home takes zumba and yoga, walks on the beach and writes. Check out her take on life, travel, cycling, kayaking, grandparenting, food and whatever else she finds interesting at the moment on her blog, Six Decades and Counting -

Are Booster Seats for Seniors The Future?

Meryl writes regularly over at Six Decades and Counting about relationships, travel, food and whatever else interests her. This post was originally featured there.  In September 2015 New Jersey passed a revised law regarding children and car seats. This law mandates rear-facing car seats with 5-point harness for children under the age of two weighing 30 pounds or less. …

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The Dangers of The Holiday Season

The dangerous holiday season approaches. The signs are everywhere and inescapable unless one lives in a geographically isolated, TV and phone-less, internet-neglected, U.S. postal service-bypassed no-man or woman’s land. My body is getting ready, in anticipation of events to come. It feels a need for a break from trips to the gym, the difficult task …

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