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Meryl Baer

Meryl Baer is a recovering financial professional now freelance writer/blogger living at the Jersey shore. She travels a lot, but when home takes zumba and yoga, walks on the beach and writes. Check out her take on life, travel, cycling, kayaking, grandparenting, food and whatever else she finds interesting at the moment on her blog, Six Decades and Counting -

Delaying The Onset Of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

You can find Meryl writing regularly at Six Decades and Counting about pretty much whatever she wants. She enjoys sharing stories of her adventures in grandparenting, along with other daily journeys. Do stop by and say hi! Today I feel better about my relentless move through the ages. My 20s passed quickly, engrossed with college …

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My Life Is A History Lesson

Meryl Baer can be found writing about whatever she wants – from travel to food to friends and relatives – over at Six Decades and Counting. This post about Baby Boomer memories was originally featured there. Last week I attended a granddaughter’s graduation from preschool at a community center. Kindergarten here she comes! After the ceremony …

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