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Mary Lovstad

I am an Iowa Farm girl who aspires to write a cookbook featuring vintage and favorite recipes from my family and friends. I'd like to bring my audience the art of cooking like your mother, grandmother, or cooking inspiration. Cooking isn’t my only passion; I love gardening, anything vintage, photography, and travel. After many years teaching and working in the field of Information Technology, I am finally doing something creative and fun. In preparation for a “hopeful” early retirement I am trying my hand at being a food blogger, travel writer and amateur photographer.

Instagram: farmgirlcookn

When we saw this recipe on Mary Lovstad’s blog, Farm Girl Cookin’, we could practically smell the cinnamony goodness! We know you’ll love it. In a desperate search for a 4-H food project for our county fair, my mother suggested I make my grandmother’s Cinnamon Bread recipe.  As a lazy teen, this seemed like a …

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