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Martha Bodyfelt

Martha Bodyfelt is a divorce coach whose whose website "Surviving Your Split," helps readers navigate their divorce with less stress and drama so they can move on with their lives. For your free gift, stop by or say hello at [email protected]

surviving midlife divorce

Surviving Midlife Divorce

Find Martha Bodyfelt at her website, Surviving Your Split. She is a divorce coach who will help you as you are surviving midlife divorce. It can be a time of stress, struggle, and frustration. Surviving Midlife Divorce? A midlife divorce certainly has a way of throwing you for a loop, doesn’t it? Even if you were not in the …

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Letting Go Of Your Divorce Anger

Letting Go of Your Divorce Anger

You know that feeling during divorce—the one where your heartbeat quickens and your head starts to pound. Your throat starts to close and it takes all the strength you have to keep from screaming at something that your ex said or did. Divorce anger. Being ticked off. Feeling rage. While danger is a natural emotion, …

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