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Maritza Martinez

I'm a stay at home English teacher, mother of four (one daughter and three boys) and have been happily married to my high school sweetheart for over twenty-seven years. I love to read, write and garden. I strive to always be learning new things, and to reflect on life with its ups and downs. Books have always been my best friends and helped me overcome a very difficult childhood. I owe this to a great teacher who taught me to love books and vegetables and inspired me to become a teacher. I struggle with a chronic illness (Myasthenia Gravis) everyday, but I don't let it take control of who I am. I take life at a slower pace and am enjoying every minute of it.

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What Makes a Man Worthy?

I’ve always kept journals. When technology wasn’t what it is today, I wrote in small notebooks. Once in a while I like to read what I’ve written so many years ago and bring the people I knew or the things that were happening to me during that moment up to date in my mind. Some …

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When You Know Love is Plenty

So many circumstances can lead a match made in heaven to imminent disaster when life’s circumstances take a toll on the relationship. We’ve seen over and over how happily married couples can become distant, and eventually infidelity comes around the corner along with many other things. Sometimes love just isn’t enough to make a couple …

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Realizing What Matters and Why

On more than in an occasion my beloved mother-in-law has told me: “Do be careful of your words and actions, because they can always backfire when you least expect it.” In other words, let it go! I can let go of almost everything, because I hate conflict. Growing up in a house where conflict was our …

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The Power of Believing

Finding hope with chronic illness can be a full-time job. How do you pray for a miracle when you’re afraid no one is listening? Take a moment to read this from Maritza Martinez, from the blog, Believing. Believing is so hard now a days. We’re caught in so much, so fast that basically even keeping tuned …

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