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Margaret Manning

Margaret Manning is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. She is the founder of, a website that helps baby boomers to build meaningful friendships. She is also the leader of Sixty and Me, a community of 100,000 dynamic women over 60.

Most of us think we’d have our makeup routines down by the time we hit 40, but as Margaret Manning’s video illustrates, there’s always room for some amazing improvements! See more helpful videos on Margaret’s YouTube channel. Most of us started applying makeup in our teens, when our goal was to look older and more mature. It was …

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When most women think about age spot removal, expensive surgery or other painful treatments spring to mind. Fortunately, there’s another option. While makeup can’t get rid of your age spots permanently, it can help you to soften their effects. In this video, our guest, Sylvia, had spent a lot of time in sunny Brazil. Even though she had lovely skin, Sylvia was concerned about pigmentation, uneven skin tone and age spots.

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