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Lori Osterberg

Lori Osterberg is an entrepreneur, writer, author, coach, wife, and mom. She loves to travel, loves sharing a glass of wine with a friend, and loves to blog every week at her site Read more about her at VisionOfSuccess.

Life Begins At 50

Lori Osterberg is coming up on a big birthday and she has a few thoughts about it. Read more from Lori on her blog, Vision of Success.   Just a few more months and I’ll hit the big 5-0. And I haven’t quite decided how I feel about that. 20 was welcoming. I was finally …

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The Other Nine Months

I remember that feeling of being completely overwhelmed when I found out I was pregnant. It’s not like we hadn’t planned it. But still, to have the doctor smile and confirm what we already knew, there was a heady feeling that drilled deep down into my soul. What would we do with this tiny life, …

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