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Lori Holden

Lori Holden blogs at Lavender Luz
and can be found on Twitter @LavLuz. She lives in Denver with her husband and two tweenagers and is an aficionada of dark chocolate, red wine and good coffee. Her book, “The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping Your Child Grow Up Whole,” was written with her daughter's birth mom and is available in hard cover and Kindle formats. Lori is an award-winning speaker and writer whose work has appeared on The Huffington Postt, BlogHer and the Denver Post moms site, and in magazines like Parenting, Adoptive Families, Conceive, and Partners in Health. Find Lori on Instagram: lavenderluz

Remember junior high school? Ditto jeans, big combs in our back pockets to comb our Farrah hair, disco music on 8-track tapes? Today we call junior high “middle school,” but no matter the words we use, this particular stage of American life remains a giant petri dish for Lord of the Flies. Does anyone come through …

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I first published this recipe back in my early days of blogging when my mom was practically the only one who read my posts. I’m re-running it now because the recipe came from my mom, so its first iteration was kind of pointless. Now maybe one or two others on Midlife Boulevard will be able …

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