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Lois Alter Mark

When she’s not traveling around the world – and even when she is – Lois Alter Mark blogs at Midlife at the Oasis. Lois is the reigning champion of Blogger Idol and the winner of two BlogHer Voices of the Year Awards. She writes for Huffington Post, and was named Humor Writer of the Month by Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. She also writes regularly for Boomeon, Manilla and Felicity Huffman’s What the Flicka? A native New Yorker, Lois lives in San Diego, where she and her husband have turned into weather wimps who are still looking for a decent slice of pizza. Instagram: loisaltermark

 When does true love begin? At first sight? With little acts of service and sacrifice? Read about midlife blogger Lois Alter Mark  from Midlife at the Oasis look back at her happy, long-term marriage and the first time she saw her husband. I don’t know if college students still do this, but back in the day – circa …

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Yes, after a horrible dry spell, I am reading again. Yay! Here are a  handful of really great books I just finished. What are you reading now? WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS by Jennifer Coburn Since losing her father when she was only 19, Jennifer Coburn has always believed she would suffer the same fate and die young. To ensure …

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