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Lisa D.B. Taylor

L.D.B. Taylor, more commonly known as Lisa Taylor is a lifelong reader and writer.

She is the author of RECLAMATION: A BROKENHEARTED AND THEN I GOT BETTER LOVE STORY, and its sequel TREADING LIGHTLY, the autobiographical stories of giving birth to a daughter with Down Syndrome, and the continuing tale as our Annie Rose grows into a spirited young woman. Also by Lisa is GUILTY ADMISSIONS: LIFE AT WITT'S END ON THE EDGE & TEETERING IN THE WILD WILD WEST: A funny, frightening book, sure to put a smile upon your face, and a fear of farm house attics in your heart.

And, to be released in 2014, QUIET TALES OF MYSTERY AND MAYHEM, and TRUST ME. I KNOW STUFF. As well as BREAKING BREAD WITH THE BARBARIANS {The Times, Travels, & Travails of a Practically Normal Homeschooling Family}
The first in a Lisa's new fantasy trilogy THE PARCHMENT PAPERS is pending publication.

Lisa lives, writes, and reads at Witt's End, her rambling, perpetually dusty home in the hills among the deer, wild turkey, coyotes, and occasional mountain lion along with five children, (Princess Annie but naturally heading the lineup and ruling the joint), four dogs, eight chickens, two parakeets, and one husband.
She {Dubiously} blogs at ItsOwnSweetWill.Neebeep.Com where her faithful three and a half followers help keep her life busy and fulfilled.

She is also the sole instigator and participant in #LisaWalksAroundPlanetEarth - an internet non-phenomena currently attracting nary a whit of global notoriety. (She is rapidly approaching the Kansas border).

Lisa appreciates chocolate, hot tea, cool mountain evenings, travel, and books by the score.