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Linda Wolff

Linda Wolff writes the lifestyle blog Carpool Goddess where she explores life in the empty nest now that carpool is over. Follow Linda on Facebook and Twitter and see for yourself that midlife's not so scary.

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Farewell My Uterus

They say you never really appreciate something until it’s gone, and well…I miss you. Sort of. It’s complicated. It’s been almost three years, and I never gave you the proper goodbye you deserved. Yes, we had our disagreements. Clearly we had our struggles. But we also had history. And, twice, yes twice, we made beautiful …

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What I’ll Do When I Turn 50

Any milestone birthday can be tricky. Lots of looking back, plenty of looking ahead. Find out what blogger Linda Wolff, from the blog, Carpool Goddess, thinks about turning 50 years old.  In a few short months I have a birthday coming up. No, it’s not the big one. But, I’m getting so close I can almost …

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