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Leslie Blanchard

I am a wife of 1 and mother of 5, who writes a blog called, A Ginger Snapped. After I received my Journalism degree, I didn't write anything for 27 years, except grocery lists and my family's Christmas Letter. All that changed, when they invented the iPad with a waterproof cover. Now, I lay in the bathtub all day, neglecting my other responsibilities, and write about life outside of the bubbles.

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How To Change Your Spouse

For more hilarious humor on married life from Leslie Blanchard, find her at This post was originally featured there. I’m always shocked when people say, “you can’t change your spouse…” Preposterous. Of course you can change your spouse! If you’ve played house with the same person for 30 years or more and haven’t managed to …

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empty nest envy

Legitimate Empty-Nest Envy

For more middle-aged child rearing and marriage humor from Leslie find her at This post was originally featured there.  I was lying in my bathtub this morning when my husband came flying in with his usual sense of urgency. “Do we own a net?” “A net?” “Yes! A Net!” “No, but put it on the …

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