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Hi! I'm Leanne. I’m a happy empty nester living in Australia and blogging (at about my midlife journey. I want to share the joys and challenges of this stage of life and counteract the negativity associated with getting older. There is so much to be grateful for and to look forward to, and I’m loving sharing my story with others who are walking the same path.

Developments At Midlife: I'm Finding My Self-Worth

Finding My Self-Worth

Leanne can be found on her blog, Cresting The Hill, sharing her discoveries about how wonderful this time of life is, how little people pleasing she needs to do these days, and how she has developed her self-worth. She would love for you to stop by and say hi. AUTHENTICITY One of the biggest lessons …

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no rules at midlife

Life At Midlife: No More Rules

Leanne writes regularly about her journey through midlife at Cresting The Hill where this post was initially featured.  Being over 50 lends itself to the occasional epiphany – mine this week (as I ate my toast) was that I don’t have to eat the stale crusts just because I was told to when I was …

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