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Kristen Houghton

Kristen Houghton is an author, blogger on the Huffington Post, and contributor to Kalon Women.

Does Religion Make You Happier?

Does religion make you happier, or does it simply amplify what you already have? Dr. Edward Diener, a psychologist who has studied happiness in various cultures, believes that those who have a belief system are happier. He may be right. Religion has two important things going for it that can add to personal happiness. The first is a …

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Is Negativity Catching?

I had listened to her stories about how her life was nothing more than a series of bad-luck incidents. No luck getting the job she wanted, unlucky encounters with men, no one ever liked her and no one ever would, miserable luck in every area of her life; I heard it all. Sympathetic friend that …

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The Dangers of Binge Tanning

Now that Fall looms on the horizon there are people, especially in the northeast area of the country, who are lamenting the fade of their summer glow. They like the idea and look of a glow if they’re going to an event where shoulders and arms will be on display. If you’re familiar with the …

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Are You Depressed or Just Sad?

My mother suffered from the twin horrors of depression and chronic OCD. Both went undiagnosed for years, mainly because of the stigma that was placed on the ‘condition’ of depression which caused her to not seek help. She suffered needlessly. Her depression was my fear factor; I feared becoming just like her. Times of stress …

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