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Kimba Dalferes

Kimba Dalferes is a native Floridian, but currently pretends to be a Virginian. She is an accomplished king salmon slayer, estate sale junkie, and sometimes writes books. She is currently working on the sequel to her first book “I Was In Love With a Short Man Once.” This next book, “Magic Fishing Panties” will be out in 2015. She divides her time between Fairfax and Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia with husband Greg and occasionally her son Jimmy; when he is home from college. She also hangs out in The Middle-Aged Cheap Seats .

Ten Truths About NASCAR

Kim Dalferes went to her first NASCAR race. Here’s what she learned. Read more from Kim on her blog. I’m a southern gal. Born and raised in the South. My mama’s family is from the South. My entire life to date has been lived in the South. However, I recently attended an event that despite …

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Invasion of the Coeds

Kim Dalfares is hilarious, but we wouldn’t want to mess with her gym routine! Enjoy this exercise humor, then read more from Kim on The Middle-Aged Cheap Seats.  Each summer, we midlifers ready for the coming incursion. Right about the time we’ve perfected our routine, established our rapport with the instructors, and staked our claim to …

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Marriage Ain’t for Sissies

This past weekend I attended a good friend’s wedding: his second; her first. It was a beautiful and fun affair; a great way to start down the marital path. Not surprisingly, this event has me reflecting a bit on marriages – firsts, seconds, and beyond. Now, I’ve been warned: Danger Will Robinson, DANGER! Why would …

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