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Kathy Brunner

I am an author, speaker, and encorepreneur coach. I help people go from burned out to fired up by finding their passion and creating a viable business around it. I like to empower women to realize the best of their life is the rest of their life and to live intentional and embracing their best self. My website is Kathy Brunner. I also am part of the creative team at Called Woman .

Kathy Brunner is a career designer, an author, a speaker and a coach. You can find her at, where this post was originally featured.  When you think of dangerous words the first words that come to mind might be words like love, hate, betrayal. But I have seen firsthand how the word someday can …

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You can find Kathy over at her website, This post was initially published there.  I’m going to start off with something personal. Over the last few weeks, I have found myself feeling less than great. I’d wake up every morning with ailments varying from headaches to nosebleeds. I tried whatever over-the-counter and natural remedies I could think …

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