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Karen Shatafian

Karen Shatafian has a master’s degree in counseling, is a mom to two teenagers, a surfer, writer, and lifestyle blogger. She is passionate about helping people leap out of their comfort zones and use their intrinsic gifts to live a courageous, authentic life. She is active in encouraging women, whether on a career path or staying home to raise a family, to nurture their passions and hold tight to their dreams. Karen is a featured contributor at and a contributing author to the book, “Legacy of Stoke - A Collection of Stories That Made us Surfers.” Follow her at

Instagram: one_salty_kiss

Karen can be found at where she writes to support you as you create a life you love and shares her journey of self discovery. I have been feeling the tingling of this in my bones lately, but it came to crystal clear awareness recently after an intimate Self Discovery Workshop I led. One participant went home and …

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6 Tips to Help You Decluter Is it time to declutter? Are you suffocating in all your stuff? Mental and physical clutter keeps us stagnant. We accumulate more and more things that we don’t really need, only to feel emotionally stifled under their weight. Our creativity and wonder suffocate under the piles of stuff. When we …

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