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Jennifer Connolly

Jennifer Connolly celebrates the unique experience of women over 50. As a Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, she empowers women to develop their image, personal style and self confidence.
Her blog, A Well Styled Life, gives women the tools to appreciate their beauty and fully embrace the joys of midlife. Jennifer is a blogger, writer, wife, mom, grandmother. Pro-aging troublemaker, searching for the perfect foundation shade since 1973. Instagram: awellstyledlife

Jennifer Connolly is our savior for always teaching us easy tips and tricks that make us feel fabulous! Read more from Jennifer on her blog.    How do you make short legs look longer? It’s not rocket science. It’s a matter of fooling the eye with color and proportion.   I’m short, with a longer torso than legs. I …

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 Trusting your look to the woman behind the makeup counter can be daunting, but after reading Jennifer Connolly’s tips, we’re ready for our makeover! Read more from Jennifer on her blog.      Every few years, it’s a good idea to look at the new makeup offerings and update your look. The maze of shiny displays with …

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