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As of late, I am fortunate enough to have a glimpse of something I call “the luxury of time”. I am married to a traveling husband and we are blessed with 3 “adult” children, living “on their own.” I now have the opportunity to write, from a very empty nest. I have colorful sisters and fascinating friends. I jot down quirky thoughts and ideas about family, work, friendships, and life in Canada/Barbados. Things have changed since the 3 sticky kids were under my roof. I don’t think of this as “mid-life,” I call it a beginning.

n 1979, we did not communicate in acronyms. We had our own lingo.   This language was common to all age groups. We had phones that were dialed.  We had mail.  We had tin cans and strings.  No one ever really knew where anyone else was at any given moment.  There were times when someone …

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