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Ellen Gray

Dividing her passion between baking and theatre, Ellen has enjoyed professional careers in both fields. Criss crossing the country as a personal assistant and stage manager fueled her appetite for regional cuisine and the stories behind the recipes. Ellen's travels led her to Philadelphia where she owned and operated a strictly-from-scratch restaurant for 10 years. Currently, Ellen spends her days baking pies and sweets at a small bakery in Maplewood, NJ. Check out her professional pietism and seasonal sarcasm at

In Search of Perfect Fruit

Ellen Gray traversed her town in search of fruit for many recipes. Read more from Ellen on her blog. Propped up against a sign boldly proclaiming “Fall Mums Are Here!” there it was; the first inflatable pumpkin of the season. Would that I had a large hatpin handy. Pumpkin sightings mean the bathing suit I …

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A Pie for Winter Woes

Ellen Gray takes the winter blues and turns them into something absolutely delicious! Read more from Ellen on her blog, No More Mr. Nice Pie.   Disappoint me once, Phil, shame on you. Break my heart, Phil, shame on me. The week commenced with shadowy news from Punxsutawney Phil and his Inner Circle on Gobbler’s Knob forecasting …

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