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Donna Highfill

Donna S. Highfill wants to inspire the world one laugh at a time. She is a humorist, a blogger, a book author, a personal change coach, and a consultant. She is a regular contributor at HuffPost50, and has written a book with stories about change – Real People, Real Change. She writes two blogs – one to help you Power Up, and one to help our Dame Nation (women 50+) laugh together. All her work is intended to inspire and energize. Laughter is her favorite thing, but making others laugh is her greatest passion.

No matter what my expressed desire — music, coffee, coupon — I repeatedly  hear the same response.  . . “There’s an app for that.” The line is always delivered with a sense of awe, as if apps are something magical, created by the gods to make our lives easier. I’ve never totally understood what an app is, so …

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