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Darryle Pollack

Darryle Pollack is a founder of the WHOA Network.

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Caring and Sharing

As I write this, my friend Dana is hauling herself up and down the hills of San Francisco  with thousands of other participants on the Avon Walk.   I’m sure I speak for other survivors, to say how grateful we feel to know that someone has your name on their shirt and your face in their …

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10 Reasons I Love My Husband

It’s a day for love…to the tune of an estimated $18 billion dollars. That’s a lot of hearts and flowers. And a lot of chocolate. I hope everyone gets some of both. I don’t buy into Valentine’s Day–I never come close to spending the national average of $116 per person— even before the economy tanked. …

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Weight a Minute!

So there we are, my two children, my ex-husband, and his side of the family.  All adults ranging in age from 20 to 70. Dinner is over, I am paying no attention to the conversation at the far end of the table when I see my nephew approaching with a bathroom scale.  I have no …

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