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Connie McLeod

Connie Mcleod is a: Creativity Coach, Greenview Designs; Art Director; Designer; Marketer; Blogger; Speaker and Group Facilitator; Foodie and Wine Lover; World Traveler

Maw Maw’s Fresh Apple Cake

This ghostly image of my grandparents, my mom and her little brother recently appeared in my life. The double exposed photo from the 1930′s shows a smiling family posing for a camera and then walking away. My grandfather’s translucent image shows him tenderly reaching for his little boy. They are dressed up in their Sunday …

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The Importance of Doing Nothing

Editor’s note – today we recognize National Nothing Day, all day. So sit back, relax, and do…nothing!   I’ve been told that I do nothing better than anyone else. I usually have a very full schedule. My lunches and evenings are filled with need-to-do-this or need-to-meet-them. I’ve lots of interests outside of my day job and …

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sandwich generation, elderly parents, multigeneration homes, living with elderly parents, marriage, midlife, midlife women

The Sandwich Generation

I was born on the cusp of the baby boom. What that has meant to my life is that I have been in the middle of every trend for the past 50 years. Schools were built to accommodate my generation. I’ve been a backpacker across Europe, a YUPPY, a DINK, a New Ager, married, older parent, …

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Maw Maws Cocoon Cookies

Sugar was rationed during World War II. Cookies would have been a rare and special treat. My Grandfather worked for Dr. Pepper and sugar wasn’t rationed to the bottling company. My Paw Paw would bring the large empty sugar sacks home. It was my Mom and her brother’s job to shake and shake those sacks …

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