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Elizabeth Havey

I’m a baby boomer, member of the hectic sandwich generation. I write Boomer Highway to help slow down the frenetic pace of life. I want to be “Your road to mind-body wellness for a longer life.” A registered nurse and health educator, I am passionate about preventative health measures and women’s health. Together, let’s deal with the snags in the fabric of life that affect our generation, our children and grandchildren. Together we can solve problems, stop racing along the boomer highway and slow down life’s pace. Wouldn’t it be great to navigate the coming decades on a peaceful road?

Creating and Cherishing Christmas Memories

If Christmas lights a spark for my grandchildren, inspires them to dream of the future and desire the shiny-new and surprising—for me, Christmas is the vehicle of memory. As soon as I open the first carton that stores my ornaments and Christmas decorations, a door to the past will open. Memories will explode from the …

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Surviving the USS Bush- A Hero’s Tale

Her father-in-law was a bona fide war hero, but it was his humility that truly inspires me. Read more from Elizabeth Havey on her blog, Boomer Highway. See photos of Ensign Havey, USS Bush survivor, there.  USS Bush Survivor The word “hero” might instantly bring a name to mind. We all have people in our lives that are …

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Men and Depression – a Hidden Illness

Definition: Depression is a medical illness that makes you feel sad and causes you to lose interest in life.  Physical symptoms include: low libido and interest in sex, loss of appetite, insomnia and slowed mental processing and body movements.  Depression can also mean frequent crying spells, unexplained body aches and pains as well as suicidal thoughts.  …

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