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Barbara Torris

I am a retired educator turned blogger. While I have been retired for 15+ years and am now 72 years old, I still feel very connected to women in their mid-life. I am an avid reader, traveler, writer, grandmother/mother and lover of life. My blogging life can be seen at Retire In Style Blog where I have posted over 1000 posts and have had about 310,000 viewers. I also post a blog called Gift Boomer where I pick and choose what I think are the best gift for every age group. Instagram: barbblogtwits

Is Empty Nest Syndrome an Overblown Problem?

Do all parents suffer tremendously when their nest empties? Barbara Torris doesn’t think so – in fact she believes this can hold our children back from making their way in the world. Read more from Barbara on her blog, Retire in Style. I have written about almost every issue that Boomer parents deal with. Boomerang …

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