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Ann Marina

Ann Marina is author of Preserve Your Brain. Based on her 30 years in mind-body wellness education, Ann leads brain fitness seminars, yoga, tai chi, and mindful meditation. Smiles and laughs are an integral part of Ann's classes. She enjoys writing about natural health, dog-sitting, and living in Southwest Florida.

You’re feeling overheated, and notice your mind is getting foggy or you’re easily annoyed. You may be suffering from mild dehydration. It affects mood, energy and mental clarity, according to research at the University of Connecticut. Mild dehydration is defined as about a 1.5 percent loss of the body’s normal water volume. Getting enough fluids …

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Add zest to your Memorial Day picnic or any summer meal. This easy summer salad recipe of watermelon and mint is healthy, sweet and refreshing. Cut amounts in half, for smaller groups. Read more from Ann Marina on her blog, Preserve Your Brain 8 cups seedless watermelon chunks (1-inch squares) 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice  1/2 cup …

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