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Alana Mautone

From the housing projects of New York City to rural Arkansas to upstate New York, I've traveled a long and winding road. I have a BA in Cultural Anthropology and a Masters in Middle Aged Life. I juggle a full time job with daily blogging, helping to care for an elderly mother-in-law, occasional gardening, and advocating for a middle aged brother-in-law with autism. My passion is showing my readers the beauty of the world through the lens of my iPhone and blogging about living in upstate New York.

Christmas After Losing a Loved One Alana Mautone can be found sharing stories of her life, similar to this touching reflection back on the grief at Christmas after the loss of her father-in-law, over at Ramblin’ With AM. Join her there as she dusts off her blog and reengages with her audience as she wraps up …

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