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All-Black Fashion Trend For Fall

Trending for Fall Solid Black

When it comes to classic style, I rarely rely on the trends to determine my fashion choices. However, every All-Black Fashion Trend for Fallnow and then, a trend comes along that hits me right in my happy place. I found just that in the fall 2015 trend of wearing all-black. Now, here’s a trend that I can fully embrace with both arms and a kiss on the cheek!

Black is a favorite for midlife women, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Some of the styles from NY Fashion Week may be a little more avant garde than you are used to, but they’re absolutely gorgeous. When it comes to the all-black fashion trend for fall, the beauty is in the intricate details.

There are a number of details that keep this outfit from becoming a sea of black. First, the top features a sheer overlay. This provides a textural dimension to the blouse.

All-Black Fashion Trend for Fall




And then I paired the blouse with a simple bow belt and elegant black jewelry; including a lovely Fossil ring I just got for my birthday.

Pairing these items left me with the perfect all-black ensemble for the season.

Have you been sporting your own head-to-toe black outfits lately?


Shellie Bowdoin

I am a happily-married mother of two practically grown kids. I am an American, but I have lived the last twenty years in Asia. I write to empower women to live fabulous, fashionable, fit and fulfilling lives because life is just too short not to live it with vigor, enthusiasm and purpose. I have also won a life-long battle with food, so I encourage others to adopt a weight loss mindset to help them lose weight for good. Instagram: ShellieBowdoin

Shellie Bowdoin

Wednesday 4th of November 2015

Thanks so much, Andrea. Just goes to show, all black doesn't have to be boring!

[email protected]

Wednesday 4th of November 2015

I like all-black outfits. You look great!

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