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When our family gets together, we like to serve some kind of cocktail. In fact, since our kids have become adults, we’ve started to feature a “signature” cocktail for our special celebrations. But when our youngest daughter, Allison, who was the mastermind and mixologist behind our signature cocktails announced that she was pregnant, we had …

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Advice on How to Fund Your Dream of College Because of family issues and money, I didn’t graduate college until I was noticeably older than my classmates. I hope that no matter how long I had to wait I would have kept at it until I achieved my dream of that diploma. In the ever-evolving …

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Over Forty? Have These Symptoms of Perimenopause? It’s a standing joke that everyone starts to go downhill at age 40, but the symptoms that many women experience around this stage of life are certainly not funny. As you move toward about age 50, the symptoms of perimenopause kick in. Many of the most common symptoms …

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Meet me in Porto! Here’s the ultimate guide to retiring in Portugal as an American woman over 50. Learn how to navigate the visa process, find affordable housing, and enjoy the vibrant culture and stunning scenery of this European gem. Start planning your dream retirement today!

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