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A Plan to Maintain Weight Through the Holidays


This is a tough time of year for me as far as exercise and controlling my weight.  It’s a perfect storm of holiday food and parties, cold weather that makes it hard to exercise outside and winter clothes that make it easy to cover up a few extra pounds.

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So am I going to give in to it and throw away the decent shape I got into for my half marathon?  The honest answer is yes, some days I will.  I like to eat, drink and be merry as much as the next guy.  I can usually fend off gaining weight because I will run farther.  But it’s hard to run outside all winter in Iowa’s cold, wind, snow and ice.


Believe it or not, I understand when people say, “I hate to exercise!”  I understand it because I don’t really like much exercise other than running.  Nothing else makes me feel as good while allowing me to chat with a friend.  I have a friend who runs every day in any weather because it burns so many calories. She’s afraid to stop for fear she’ll gain the weight she lost through running.


I used to run in almost any weather but I’ve gotten wimpier (or maybe smarter) lately.  Now that I’ve lived in Iowa for over 50 years, I know I have to have options other than running or I won’t be getting any exercise at all!  I belong to a gym that I barely stepped foot into this summer but has everything I could ever want to stay in shape. No excuses here…


I created a plan to get through the holidays until New Year’s Day.  My only goal is to maintain my current weight.  I don’t care if I have six-pack abs or can bench press 100 pounds or even 25 pounds.  I’m just trying to survive here.

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Kathi Prien

Kathi Prien grew up in rural Iowa and now lives near Des Moines with her husband, Kevin. She is mom to sons, Konner and Keller. Kathi worked in the magazine consumer marketing department of Meredith Corporation for over 20 years. Kathi enjoys running, reading, traveling, good friends, and good wine. She will become an empty nester in 2015. She launched her web site, Breaking50t in February, 2013 to celebrate the freedom and wisdom of post-50 life.

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