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7 Reasons Bloggers Need to Be On Periscope

Recently on Tabler Party of Two, I ran a series of posts called Discovering Periscope.  Why would I devote a whole week to this new social media platform? Simple. I believe Periscope is not a fad. It’s most likely going to stick. AND, it’s going to be a game-changer for everybody, ESPECIALLY BLOGGERS!

If you are a blogger who hasn’t broadcast yet on Periscope, chances are that you think this is just one more thing to add to your list of things you don’t have time for. I really do understand. I’m a blogger, too. But I ask that, for a moment, that you put that notion aside, read on, and consider the following.

7 Reasons

Why Every Blogger Should Be on Periscope

1. You can get to know your audience in a way that no other social media platform allows.
Live Periscope broadcasts truly tear down the walls between you and your community. The interaction that takes place can catapult your relationship with your readers (viewers) to a whole new level. Why? Because they can ask questions and leave comments or feedback that you can answer or discuss live. Because the viewers see you just like they would on Facetime, they get to know you better. They see your personality in a way that is impossible with typed comments on a computer screen. And they WANT to know you better!

2. Every day you can kill two (or three, or four) birds with one stone.
Many bloggers believe they don’t have time for another social media platform. That opinion is mis-informed. Periscope provides a repurposing opportunity like no other platform. For instance, yesterday I did a Periscope on the topic of this blog. I shared that I’d be repeating the information on my blog today plus adding a few more reasons why bloggers should be on Periscope. So, as I write this, I’m referring the notes I took yesterday and then adding to that. (You can view that scope here.) One benefit of scoping first is that everything I say on a scope is what comes to mind first and is straight from the heart. Loving that!

There are many other ways Periscope contributes to repurposing. Scopes can be uploaded to YouTube. They can be recorded for podcasts. They can be sold as a product later. And those are just a few possibilities!

In addition, you don’t need to come up with new content for all your Periscope broadcasts. Simply repurpose content you’ve blogged about in the past!

3. Periscope broadcasts offer a great opportunity to SHOW your audience what you TELL them in your blog.
The written word when explaining how to do a DIY project recipe is invaluable. Now you can not only share the written instructions, but you can also video your tutorial. Brilliant! Just yesterday, I showed how to make my Jalapeño Cilantro Cole Slaw that I shared on my blog recently. (Watch it here.) By doing that, I was able to draw traffic to my blog by telling them where exactly to go to get the recipe.

4. Scoping is the perfect vehicle to sell any product you feature on your blog.
Do you have an e-book for sale on your blog? Here’s the perfect opportunity to share verbally why your audience needs the book. Featuring a cute outfit with affiliate links on your blog? Wear it on a scope and share the link to where viewers can buy it! About to launch an online course? Here’s your opportunity to share far more about it than you could on your blog.

5. If you are a travel blogger or are publicizing an event, Periscope can take your audience there live!
Imagine your online community seeing the waves roll in at sunset rather than read about it and see a picture. Promoting an event? Tell all your viewers about it on a scope to build excitement!

6. Grow the audience of your blog and other social media platforms.
Because Periscope is so new, a majority of my blog followers are not on the app. That means that my viewers are new faces for Tabler Party of Two. How exciting! I have an amazing opportunity to connect with them not only on Periscope but on my blog and other platforms, too!

7. You have the opportunity to be an early settler on a platform that is most likely going to continue to grow exponentially.
Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you had started blogging back in 2007 or joined Facebook and Twitter in their days of infancy? I sure have! Well, bloggy friends, this is our chance to be an early settler! But the moment won’t last long. And in a month or two, it will be much more difficult to gain a following because of the huge growth Periscope is experiencing. There will be much more competition for time and space than there is now. THIS is the time to start scoping!


Okay… to give you an extra boost of confidence on your first scope and beyond, I’ve created a Periscope Pre-Broadcast Checklist for you to download free! Now you have no excuses to get started. So go for it! And have some fun!



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Wednesday 9th of September 2015

Andrea - great explanation of why we should be using Periscope and you nailed it on the head - one more thing to add to the list. I think I just need to reevaluate what social media platforms I am using and which one I can get rid of to make room for Periscope. Thanks for sharing.


Stella Chiu

Wednesday 9th of September 2015

Hi, Sharon

Recently, Periscope appeares everywhere. Everybody talked about that. Your article gave the best benefit to have Periscope. Because of this article, I will be serious about using it. Thanks for the post. -Stella

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